it was just a chance encounter… wasn’t it? [close RP]




Merida liked to feel the wind rushing through her hair as she rode with Angus through the forest, it calmed her and made ​​her forget about everything else. It had been a year since she learned to carry the weight of her responsibilities, but, to escape once in a while didn’t hurt anyone, right? Especially when her brothers make sure that her mother wouldn’t notice her absence so much.

They soon reached the river, the same one she once come with her ​​mother long ago, when she was still a bear. “Do you want to rest Angus?” she ask and he whinny in response.

Merida went down of him to the river to cool off a bit, she adjusted her bow on her back and pulled her hair back, but before she could even dip her hands in the river she could hear a small crack behind her, from within the foliage. Merida pretended not to hear and continued washing her face, standing slowly, stretching and then quickly as she is, she took her bow and arrow and pointed to where the noise came from.

"Show yourself!" she commanded, ready to shoot at any time.


Hiccup had never been this lost before. Sure, he might’ve ventured into uncharted lands without knowing exactly which direction he’d come from, but he had always had at least a vague idea of how to get home. And Toothless usually remembered, so it had never been much of a problem.

But now it seemed like they were completely and utterly lost. They had never flown this far out before. Hiccup knew it was his fault since he’d been putting off returning to Berk, but then the fog rolled in over the ocean and even Toothless had become totally disoriented. Whatever bearings they’d had were lost in the thick white mist. 

When they had come out of it, there was no land in sight, so Hiccup decided to just keep flying until they found an island or something. But what they found was far more impressive than some island. A vast land with rolling green hills, dark, lush forests, and mountains shrouded in mist greeted them. Naturally, they’d touched down in the forest to do some exploring. 

After about half an hour of walking, he heard the rush of water that told him there was a river nearby. He realized how thirsty he was, and he was sure Toothless was too, so they headed in that direction.

That’s when he saw a flash of red through the trees. There was a person by the river. Since he didn’t know whose territory he was in, Hiccup approached slowly, wanting to get a good look at the stranger before the stranger saw him. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel the twig under his prosthetic foot and it snapped loudly under his weight before he realized it was there. 

And then the stranger, who was apparently a girl, was suddenly yelling at him. It wasn’t until he’d made his way through the trees that he realized she had a bow and arrow aimed straight at him. He instinctively held his hands up by his head to show he meant no threat. 

"Take it easy!" he called back, heart hammering against his chest. "I’m not going to hurt you!" 


Merida put her bow down, not so sure about it yet. She stared at him for a moment from bottom to top, it was the first time she has ever saw him, his clothes didn’t belong to the highlands and he didn’t even have the same accent as her.

"Who are you?" she demanded "… and where are you from?"


Hopefully This Is The Case


When HTTYD2 is released into the theaters, I pray that the fandom will do their best to make sure that nobody pirates this movie & use illegal footage to make their own Gifs and screenshots until it is released legally into the open market.

I’m not saying this to be mean or to be rude but it really is up to the fandom in order to keep a movie and series alive. When people pirate movies without paying anything to watch it it’s almost like saying directly to the company that their films aren’t even worth being made in the first place. I just want people to know how much time and effort goes into making these films and that it is up to us to stop pirating from happening. Especially to this movie & the many other films that come out of the movie industry. 

…..Please guys. We don’t want another situation like Rise of the Guardians.Which almost brought the company into bankrupt status if it wasn’t for The CroodsBecause of the pirating that people had done. 

So do your best to act responsibly and get others to do the same.

Thank you.